Dog City
Air Date January 30, 1993
Written by Vincent Grittani
Director John Van Bruggen (animation), David Gumpel (Muppets)

Artie has decided he has a new detective hero - someone who uses a cool detecting kit to solve his mysteries. Eliot decides that maybe Ace needs a challenge and in his latest story pits Ace against super sleuth Surelick Bones.

Mysterious thefts are happening all over Dog City and Ace Hart hasn't caught the culprit. His reputation has suffered so much that, Rosie O'Gravy has called in Surelick Bones, master detective to help with the case.

Ace, determined to save his reputation, doesn't give up though, and with his nose on the case we quickly discover that the mastermind behind the well planned art thefts is none other than... tune in to find out!

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