Bear in the Big Blue House
113 Music to My Ears
Premiere November 5, 1997
Written by Pippin Parker, P. Kevin Strader
Director Hugh Martin
Theme Music

Ojo has formed an orchestra and has invited everyone in the Big Blue House to participate. Viewers are invited to participate too as Bear and the kids hold a concert out at the Otter Pond. Ojo is the orchestra "constructor," and Pip and Pop are using pot and pan lids for cymbals. As Bear searches for his kazoo, he comes across Treelo and asks for his help. When Treelo spots a radio, he turns it on and starts singing and dancing to music. He then goes off to create his own instrument. Bear finds his kazoo and also finds that Tutter wants to play the clarinet, but it's too big for him. Bear helps Tutter to come up with another way to participate in the orchestra. In the Shadow segment, Shadow presents the tale of the cat and the fiddle.



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