The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 7, 2014
Writer Michael Goldberg
Director Jack Jameson

It's the weekend of the Bird Ice Games and Furgus has installed a bobsledding track in the hotel specifically for the Ice Flippers, two penguins who form the best bobsleigh team in the world. However, that name proves to be self-titled, as the two aren't even sure what a bobsleigh is. Elmo and Phoebe offer to help teach them.

From the start of the track, the two monsters show the penguins to work together to move the bobsleigh. Soon, the penguins are zooming all over the hotel. They go to watch from Mrs. Flappingham's room, which has a built-in ice rink for her to skate on. However, Monster Tea Time is initiated and the Tea Time Monsters come barging through the hotel and onto the ice, just as the Ice Flippers are coming. They all crash, resulting in a broken bobsleigh runner.

They all ponder how to fix their catastrophe, when they realize Mrs. Flappingham's skates might be the trick. They place them on the bobsleigh where the runner once was and they work like a charm, bringing them to the lobby with great speed. They thank Mrs. Flappingham by inviting her to join their team, declaring they'll be bobsledding all day long!

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