Air Date July 23, 1999
Written by David Kemper
Director Andrew Prowse

The crew is lured to a planet by a group of Delvians. While Rygel, Aeryn and D'Argo battle with their fears on Moya, Crichton and Zhaan are busy on the planet surface. It turns out that Tahleen wanted Zhaan to come to the planet so she can learn to master her dark impulses just like Zhaan has. However, during the unity, where Zhaan was going to give a piece of her mind to Tahleen, instead Tahleen took control and in the process took what she needed, leaving Zhaan without any control of her dark impulses.

Guest stars

Kate Raison (Tahleen), Max Phipps (Tuzak), Darlene Vogel (Alex O'Connor and Lorana), Michael Beckley (Hasko), Aaron Cash (Bitaal), Grant Magee (Jothee), Robert Supple (Young Crichton)


  • Production number 112

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