Animal Jam
Air Date March 13, 2003
Written by John Derevlany
Director Jimmy Huckaby

It's "Boo Day" in the Jam Room when you sneak up on your best friend and then surprised them with a very loud voice. Waffle the Cow-Monkey is struggling to move quietly so he can sneak up on Edi the Zebra and startle her. However, Edi's zebra stealth allows her to turn the tables on Waffle every time he tries to scare her. In the end, Waffle told Edi he was going to scared the DJs, but end up sneaking quietly to Edi and scared her with a loud "Boo!"

At the DJs workstation, DJ 3 plays the pipe organ every time someone yells "Boo!" and scared someone.


  • From A Whisper To A Roar
  • The Boo Day Bash
  • Bozark Booin


  • "Boo Day" was created by a cheetah named Chica when her brother tried to scared her with his loud voice.

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