Air Date July 30, 1999
Written by Doug Heyes, Jr.
Director Ian Watson

Crichton catches a Shakloom

Crichton needs some space, so he takes his pod for a ride, after he has left Moya, he ship suddenly starbursts leaving Crichton behind. He mange to find a planet were he had been for 3 months, before the rest of the group locates him. The planet has a vortex that drain all power, rendering spaceships useless, Rygel and D'argo finds out of this when they arrive in order to get Crichton. In the past months Crichton has been living side by side with the natives, trying to keep as much to himself so he don't interfere with their ways. Lishala, the Grondeer's daughter, has fallen for Crichton and thereby making Rokon jealous. Rokon and his friends attack Crichton, D'Argo comes and rescue him from them, but the sudden appearance of the Luxan makes the natives worried so they capture them. back at the village Crichton and D'Argo are faced with a death penalty, the natives sees Rygel and starts bowing to him, it turns out that Rygel resembles their god and he is supposed to take them away from the planet according to the prophecies. It turns out that the natives were space travelers under the Hynerian Empire, and that Dominar Rygel X placed a device on the planet to ensure that they would be without any power, so they could continue to be his followers and that they would not get any unexpected visits. However during the many years additional religious believes were added to the story and the Dominar was elevated to a god. Just before the natives are gonna burn Rygel for posing as a false god Crichton discovers some small hand prints on the statue of Dominar Rygel X, it turns out that Rygel's hands fitted in the hand print and by touching it he disables the vortex, allowing power to flow again.

Guest stars

Natalie Mendoza (Lishala), Kevin Copeland (Rokon), John O'Brien (Kato-re), Deni Gordon (Neera), Tania Mustapic (Maid)


  • Production number 114

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