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The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 8, 2014
Writer Chris Chantler
Director Jack Jameson

Henry Moo-re, a cow sculptor, is staying at the Furchester and has created an abstract likeness of Funella, who wishes to keep it in the lobby for all to see. Henry warns the family to not touch it; it's very fragile. Cookie Monster mistakes part of it for a real cookie and tries pouncing on it, until the rest of the monsters stop him and pacify him with a real cookie.

Mrs. Inkwell, a squid guest, admires the sculpture and tries touching it. She suggests they move it, since not everyone would be as careful as her. Funella makes an announcement to all the guests to not touch the sculpture. The Tea Time Monsters almost knock it over on their way to the dining room, making Henry think his sculpture can't be safe within the hotel walls.

The monster family thinks of a way to keep the sculpture safe. They could put it in an empty suite, but no one would see it. Furgus proposes he build a wall around it in the lobby, which would prevent anyone from touching it. He does so, but no one can see over it. He brings a ladder up to the wall, which causes it to collapse, breaking the statue. The monsters think they can just rebuild it and get to work.

The family unveils the new sculpture to Mr. Moo-re and he loves it! Cookie Monster also admires it, but must be held back once more when he notices the cookie as part of it.

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