Animal Jam
Air Date March 14, 2003
Written by John Derevlany
Director David Gumpel

Waffle and the DJs form an all-monkey band called “Waffle and the Waffelos.” After they show off their dance routine, Edi does her dance that it impressed the DJs. The DJs want Edi to join their group, but Waffle wouldn’t allow it because the group only has four members. So Edi forms her own band called, “Edi and the Zebradelics,” with their own special dance moves, which is bounce, reach, crush, brush, and jump.

After seeing how the DJs were enjoying Edi’s dance routine and fear he might lose his band group, Waffle tries to come up with a new original dance. He call his new dance routine, “Waffle Wing-a-Ding-a-Doo,” except the moves are similar to Edi’s dance routine, but he add a raspberry sound at the end. Edi gets really mad at Waffle for taking her dance moves and Waffle doesn't understand what he did.

After Bozark does his dance, Edi and Waffle realize that Bozark create an original different dance from theirs even though he use their dance moves. Then Waffle realizes he hurt Edi’s feelings when he didn’t let her join his band and when he copied her dance routine. They decide not to form a band group and enjoy dancing together.


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