Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 18, 1983
Written by Carol Bolt
Director Stephen Katz

Boober and the "Fizzgig" creature

The Trash Heap gives Boober a magical blanket to make him brave and daring and bold. He's never been happier, but when his friends accidentally ruin the blanket, they don't take him seriously. Boober becomes so enraged that he takes the case to the Fraggle Hall of Justice.

Fraggle Facts

  • The Fraggle system of justice is very peculiar. Boober has a grievance, so Mokey "books" the Hall of Justice. The trial begins with the Fraggles swearing the Oath (not the Solemn Fraggle Oath), in which they pledge "to never do bad things or act selfishly." This is followed by the ceremonial pie throw. The high point of the trial for Boober is his extra-long speech. Furthermore, Gobo, who acts as the chair, is one of the Fraggles being accused by Boober.
  • During the sequence when Boober is singing "Get Blue (Goin' Down the Road)" he sings with various non-Fraggle creatures, the first of which bears a striking resemblance to the creature Fizzgig from the 1982 film The Dark Crystal.

International versions

  • French version: The latest treasure from Uncle Georges is a device which is supposed to detect deliveries and release an alarm when it does so. Doc wants to use it to get the mail, which makes Croquette jealous. The machine only succeeds in attracting such items as balls, shoes, and a broom, and Croquette has to bark when the postman does arrive. Meanwhile, Uncle Traveling Matt observes a group of men patiently fishing for shoes.


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Jeg er ligeglad" (I Do Not Care)
  • Finland: "En välitä"
  • France: "Je m'en fiche" (I Don't Care)
  • Germany: "Was schert's mich" (What Do I Care)
  • Japan: "ブーバーはいいヤツさ" (Boober is a Fine Fellow)
  • Netherlands: "Het kan me niet schelen" (I Do Not Give a Hoot)
  • Norway: "Jeg er likeglad"
  • Poland: "Nic mnie to nie obchodzi" (Nothing, I Do Not Care)
  • Spain: "No me importa" (I Do Not Care)
  • Sweden: "Jag bryr mig inte"

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