The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 15, 2014
Writer Davey Moore
Director Helen Scott

While Elmo practices his rollerskating, Mr. Sheldon and Mrs. Shelly, a pair of tortoises, ask about the status of their room. Furgus struggles getting their bed out of the lobby and to their room. Funella recommends they wait in the dining room, enticing them with a lettuce special. As the tortoises walk off, Funella overhears them discussing how "slow, slow, slow" the service is. She sees this as a problem that must be remedied. As Elmo skates by, she and Furgus get the idea to put the whole staff on skates, which will provide fast service.

Cookie Monster skates about the dining room, serving the tortoises their meal, then instantly taking it away. Funella thinks the fast service is an improvement and suggests the two sit on the lobby log while their room is prepared. Phoebe states they have a problem: she's moving too fast for the guests to follow. Funella puts the rest of the guests on skates themselves. Furgus puts skates on the bed to get it to move, which inspires Funella to put skates on everything.

The tortoises get on their log, which begins rolling away with them. They wish to check out now; the service is too fast! They had no problem with the slower service, it's how they prefer it. The monsters remove the skates from themselves and the furnishings and provide nice, slow service, just the way the tortoises like it. Elmo shows off his improved skating abilities and leads everyone to the hotel skate park. Harvey P. Dull opts out, but rolls off anyhow, as the monsters forgot to remove the skates from his reading chair.

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