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Muppet Babies
Kermit' Big Show - The Card Shark.png
Air Date November 9, 2018
Written by Dan Danko
Director Guy Moore

Kermit's Big Show

The Muppet Babies plan to put on a show about The Three Little Pigs for Miss Nanny and decide to work together to incorporate their own creative ideas.

  • "Improvise" performed by Miss Nanny and Kermit

The Card Shark

Piggy has to learn how to win at playing a board game without cheating. When card shark Rizzo enters the game, she gets a taste of her own tricks, and has to make a choice between playing dirty and playing fair.


  • The looks of Animal's "Big Good Wolf" persona in "Kermit's Big Show," are borrowed directly from those of his werewolf persona from the previous episode.

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