Sesame English
Plot The gang goes birdwatching
Writer Billy Aronson
Director Greg Lahane
Sponsors 10

Sesame english titlecard

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Tingo reads about "the red and yellow bird" in a book, which also interests Jenny.
Cartoon A painter paints all around the screen, eventually painting over himself. (on-screen word "red" and voice-overs added)
Music: Joe Raposo
SCENE 2 Niki sets out some sandwich parts and asks Tingo to bring them outside. Jenny wants to do it, but spills the tray.
Animation A mother bird brings ten worms for her 9 babies and herself.
Film People introduce their pets.
SCENE 3 Jenny now wants to help set out the sandwiches, but spills them all over the ground and becomes disappointed. Tingo points out that at least the ants are pleased.
Muppets The Count sings "Little Miss Count Along" with Zoe. (introduction and second verse cut)
Animation Counting to 10 (Chinese imagery)

SCENE 4 Tingo has made more sandwiches, but Jenny has lost all self-esteem. Suddenly, the red and yellow bird lands on Tingo's head, which he initially doesn't believe. Niki encourages Jenny to take a photo of the bird. Jenny sings about her renewed sense of pride.

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