Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 2, 1983
Written by David Young
Director George Bloomfield

While the rest of the Fraggles prepare for Boober's surprise birthday party, Red is stuck taking Boober on an adventure hike to the Spiral Caverns. She hates having to spend time with the overly negative Boober, but they learn a lot about each other when they're trapped in a cave-in.

Meanwhile, Doc orders a Mr. Meow catnip during a blizzard and plans to find a way to convert it into "dog nip" for Sprocket. When the blizzard gets worse, Sprocket ends up having Doc let Fluffinella in.

Fraggle Facts

  • Every year on a Fraggle's birthday, they go to the Trash Heap for birthday wisdom.


  • Felix the Fearless, the head of the rescue squad, makes his first appearance in this episode. He's actually a complete fool, but someone has to run the rescue squad and Felix volunteered. Upon hearing of the cave-in, Felix jumps into action: "Okay, here's my plan -- everybody line up in alphabetical order!" His other, equally helpless appearance is in the fourth season episode "Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water."

International versions

In the UK version, the Captain and Sprocket are snowed in, and Sprocket refuses to let Fluffinella into the lighthouse for shelter. Uncle Matt encounters the "lair of the long red giants" (double decker buses).

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Glemt er glemt" (Forgotten is Forgotten)
  • Finland: "Loukussa" (Trapped)
  • France: "L'isolement" (The Isolation)
  • Germany: "Eingeschlossen" (Enclosed)
  • Japan: "友だちっていいな" (You Can Be Friends)
  • Netherlands: "Afgesloten" (Closed)
  • Norway: "Strandet" (Stranded)
  • Poland: "Odcięci od świata" (Cut Off From The World)
  • Spain: "Abandonado" (Abandoned)
  • Sweden: "Strandsatt" (Stranded)

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