The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 3, 2015
Writer Kathy Waugh
Director Helen Scott

Elwood, a woodpecker, checks into the hotel and is put into the Oak Room (a popular room for bird guests). Elsewhere, Furgus hangs a poster for the musical guests performing at the hotel later - The Ding-a-Lings, consisting of violinist Ms. Ling and glockenspiel player Mr. Ding. However, Mr. Ding's glockenspiel has arrived, but he has not. Phoebe then hears a strange rattle coming from upstairs.

The monsters find that Elwood has pecked holes in all the furnishing of the room, which is against hotel policy. He needs to peck something, it's just who he is. So, the monsters try to find something else he can peck. They bring him to the dining room to peck holes in the cheese, but it's too soft and it gets stuck on his beak. Cookie Monster brings him some cookies to peck holes in (so Cookie can place the chocolate chips), but Elwood just makes them crumble. Furgus then calls for some help in the lobby.

Mr. Ding still hasn't arrived and the performance is starting soon. Phoebe tries replacing him, then realizes who'd make the perfect replacement. At the concert, Elwood fills in for Mr. Ding, using his pecking ability to play the glockenspiel.

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