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Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 9, 1983
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Jim Henson

Behind the scenes of "The Minstrels." Note the script pages pinned to the "rock."

The Minstrels, wandering musicians led by the enigmatic and wise Cantus the Minstrel, arrive at the Fraggles' cave, announcing that a medley will be sung the next day. Red is chosen as Medley Leader, but the medley won't begin until Red finds the song inside her -- and she doesn't know where to look!

Meanwhile, Doc and Sprocket work on a new type of doorbell.

Fraggle Facts

  • This episode reveals another clue about the size of Fraggle Rock. The Minstrels -- who Gobo and his friends have never seen before -- arrive in the cave and explain that they travel around, "finding Fraggles in distant caves," and leading medleys. For Cantus and the Minstrels to have enough places to go for them not to have been here within recent memory, the Rock must be huge.


  • This episode is the first appearance of Cantus and the Minstrels, who reappear whenever music and wisdom are needed. He is also one of the two recurring characters performed by Jim Henson, the other one being Convincing John.
  • If a Fraggle "borrows" Cantus' magic pipe in order to learn their inner song, the pipe will take a mind of its own and drag that Fraggle around until Cantus tells the magic pipe to stop. Also, it will leave an odd-shaped mark on the Fraggle's hand that is similar to the one on Cantus' least until the Fraggle learns their inner song. In other words, Cantus claims that this is the magic pipe's way of saying "MNH-MNH."

International versions

  • UK version: Sprocket thinks he has musical talent, but the Captain begs to differ. Uncle Traveling Matt is horrified at the sight of a Scotsman playing a bagpipe, thinking the bagpipe is a monster which the Silly Creature is strangling.
  • German version: The scenes with Doc and Sprocket are nearly identical to the Canadian version. Uncle Matt's postcard is different: Matt tries to bond with a herd of cows and speak their language.

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Troubadourerne"
  • Finland: "Minstrelit"
  • France: "Les Ménestrels" (The Minstrels)
  • Germany: "Fahrende Musikanten" (Traveling Musicians)
  • Japan: "歌をさがそう" (Let's Find a Song)
  • Netherlands: "De minestrelen"
  • Norway: "Trubadurene" (Troubadours)
  • Poland: "Składanka" (Medley)
  • Spain: "Los trovadores"
  • Sweden: "Spelmännen" (The Musicians)

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