The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 9, 2015
Writer Simon Davies
Director Jack Jameson

On a windy day, Furgus struggles to keep the revolving door from spinning wildly. The wind blows all of the papers in the hotel around. Suddenly, something whooshes into the lobby - it's Super Rock! With some help from the monsters, he's placed on the papers, keeping them from blowing away. He then hears the sounds of a brick wall in distress. Elmo helps him to the garden.

The two find a brick has fallen out of the wall. Super Rock is able to get it back in its place (with much help from Elmo). Super Rock declares Elmo has his new assistant and Elmo fetches a dish towel from Cookie Monster's laundry line for a cape. As they head back to the lobby, the Tea Time Monsters barge through, knocking down Super Rock. His cape receives a large tear in it, upsetting him; his cape is the source of all his rock powers!

While Phoebe goes to get it re-sewn, they try lifting his spirits by using him to cover blowing papers again. However, the wind is too strong and blows him and the papers away. Super Rock feels he's just an ordinary rock now, when Furgus gets trapped in the revolving door, which won't stop spinning. Elmo rolls Super Rock into the door, stopping it and saving Furgus. Super Rock sees he's super without his cape and leaves to do more good around the city. Just as he departs, a Super Banana arrives.

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