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Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 16, 1983
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director George Bloomfield


Marjory the Trash Heap gets into one of her save-the-world moods. She decides to cast a spell that makes all the radishes in the Gorgs' Garden disappear, hoping that in the ensuing crisis the Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs will learn how much they all need each other.

In Outer Space, Doc ends up getting into an argument with Ned Shimmelfinney when he finds out that he tampered with the fuel gauge in Doc's car to make it look like that Doc hasn't used up fuel.

Fraggle Facts

  • All of the creatures of Fraggle Rock are connected through radishes. The Doozers make Doozer sticks, their building material, out of ground-up radish dust. The Fraggles' two main food sources are radishes and Doozer sticks. The Gorgs need radishes to make their youth and beauty cream...and if they don't use the cream, they vanish! This environmental interconnection is one of the main overarching themes of the series.


International versions

UK version: Sprocket has fleas, and The Captain gets rid of them using a concoction of stale radishes and kipper oil.

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Den store radisemangel"
  • Finland: "Suuri retiisinälkä"
  • France: "La grande pénurie de radis" (The Great Radish Shortage)
  • Germany: "Die große Radieschen-Hungersnot" (The Great Radish Famine)
  • Netherlands: "Radijshongersnood" (Radish Famine)
  • Norway: "Den store reddikmangelen" (The large radish shortage)
  • Poland: "Rzodkiewkowy kataklizm"
  • Spain: "La gran escasez de rábano" (The acute storage of horseradish)
  • Sweden: "Den stora rädishungern" (The Great Radish Hunger)

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