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Sesame Street
The Count counts and sorts items at Hooper's Store
Air date December 18, 1978
Season Season 10 (1978-1979)
Sponsors L, W, 6


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN 10th Season Intro Still
SCENE 1 Oscar shows Bob and Susan his tape recorder, which he's used to record some of the "lovely" sounds of Sesame Street, including a car stalling, crying baby and jackhammering. He also picked up some dialogue from Big Bird talking to Mr. Snuffleupagus. Bob and Susan have a laugh, until they hear a mysterious voice on the recording reply, "Oh dear..."
Cartoon A hand makes an ocean landscape, then turns it into a bustling city, which surprises a scuba diver.
(First: Episode 1114)
Muppets Grover watches as Ernie loads various things into a machine that start with M and N. The machine then displays the letter it begins with. Since Grover is a monster, he decides to go in the machine, causing a mess.
Cartoon Donnie Budd counts six snails, six ships, and six whales.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0324)
Film "Six Song (Song of Six)."
(First: Episode 0011)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Young George Washington
(First: Episode 0916)
Cartoon Two guys row their oars in different directions, until they decide to cooperate and row together.
(First: Episode 0510)
SCENE 2 Biff is teaching Big Bird about carpentry. Big Bird's brought his tools, but since he wasn't sure what he needed, he brought 4 hammers. As Biff leaves to get his tools, David, Maria and the kids pass by and borrow them all. Biff returns, lacking a hammer of his own, but aware of Big Bird's stock. Big Bird points out they're all gone, but he knows where to borrow one.
Cartoon On a musical theater stage, teeth dance as they're flossed and brushed.
(First: Episode 1107)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie has heard that somebody in the neighborhood is sick. He looks in a medical book to find out how to tell if someone is sick... not realizing that Bert is the one with a cold.
(First: Episode 0435)
Cartoon A horse is drawn as kids guess what it is.
(First: Episode 0377)

Muppets Maria reads the "Legend of Lord Lester." Lord Lester and his wife, Lady Lulu, love the letter L so much, they send their loyal lackey Louie to fetch things that start with L. He returns with a multitude of items, becoming so exhausted, he quits and decides to live in a lighthouse.
(First: Episode 1149)
Cast Linda and a boy sign the word "CLOSED."
(First: Episode 1082)
Film The sign CLOSED spins around.
(First: Episode 0955)
Richard Pryor shares Strawberries on Sesame Street.jpg
Celebrity Richard Pryor sits on a park bench with a basket of strawberries; a kid wants him to share them....
(First: Episode 1141)
Cartoon Gloria talks about 'W'
(First: Episode 0806)
Clip 7.jpg
Film A Stool For Me
(First: Episode 0513)
Cartoon I am crying / estoy llorando (David and Maria voiceover)
(First: Episode 1041)
Muppets Cookie Monster goes to the bakery for a special birthday cookie. The baker lists all the ingredients of the cookie, as Cookie visualizes it. The visualized image looks so delicious that he eats it.
(First: Episode 0283)
Cartoon Kids count dinosaurs, octopuses, and paper dolls.
(First: Episode 0926)
Insert Bob sings "Have a Nice Day."
(First: Episode 1022)
Insert The Alphabet Dancers form a letter L.
(First: Episode 0449)
Cartoon The Typewriter: L for lion
(First: Episode 0762)
Muppets Simon Soundman has the viewers guess what sound he is making. He makes the sound of a train, car, and a horse. When Simon makes the sound of the horse, a cowboy uses his lasso to capture Simon, mistaking him for a real horse.
(First: Episode 0294)
Cartoon Billy Jo Jive and Smart Susie Sunset solve the case of the midnight voices.
Artist: Ray Favata
(First: Episode 1183)
Muppets bigandsmall.jpg
Muppets A group of Muppets (including Herry Monster) split into two separate teams for a game based on whether they have letters or numbers printed on their shirts. However, one of the small ones points out that they've split into one team of big players and one team of small players. They eventually agree to play Tiddly-Winks.
(First: Episode 0298)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: L--Loud
(First: Episode 0783)
SCENE 3 David has to make a delivery and leaves The Count in Hooper's Store to prepare the next order. He also grants the Count permission to count the objects before putting them away. Because there's so many items, the Count isn't sure where to begin, so he decides to group similar items together and then count them. He begins with the fresh vegetables, then the cans, then the boxes.
Cartoon Sign Sounds: DIRTY
(First: Episode 1121)
SCENE 3 cont'd Now, the Count begins counting things that aren't foods.
1090-10.jpg Film Peacock
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0278)
Cartoon A man jumps into a poster of Lake Lillian.
(First: Episode 0347)
SCENE 3 cont'd Next, the Count counts the items that crunch.
Cartoon W for Wilhelmina
(First: Episode 0512)
SCENE 3 cont'd The Count slides a box off the counter and counts items that can roll down the counter and fall into the box.
Cartoon Antes y despues: Several kids are sad, but become happy when a fruit vendor appears. (Spanish version)
(First: Episode 0631)
Muppets Bert sings "Doin' the Pigeon".
(First: Episode 0536)
Cartoon Before and after: Several kids are sad, but become happy when a fruit vendor appears.
(First: Episode 0631)
Film Alone Song
(First: Episode 0921)
Dot Bridge 01 straight.jpg
Cartoon Dot Bridge #1: Dots appear uniformly
(First: Episode 0001)

SCENE 4 The Count starts counting upside-down things, when David returns, confused as to why the Count is still working on the first order. The Count describes the different ways he can count the items, as Big Bird announces the sponsors.

CLOSING SIGNS Kermit holds the Sesame Street sign while The Kids hold the CTW sign.

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