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Muppet Babies
Puppy for a Day titlecard.jpg
Air Date April 12, 2019 (pt. 1)
May 3, 2019 (pt. 2)
Written by Dan Danko (pt. 1)
Adam Wilson & Melanie Wilson LaBracio (pt. 2)
Director Guy Moore

Puppy for a Day

The babies learn how to take care of a puppy with Rizzo as their practice puppy.

  • "Puppy Come Home" performed by the Muppet Babies

No Laughing Matter

Fozzie loses his Great Uncle Schnozzie's lucky joke book to Rizzo. The other kids, including Bunsen and Beaker, try to convince him that he can be funny without the book by creating a counterfeit version.

  • "To Get You Laughing" performed by Fozzie


  • These stories initially aired separately, but were later packaged together for distribution as with the previous episode.

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