Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 23, 1983
Written by B.P. Nichol
Director George Bloomfield


Fraggle Rock is threatened by two invasions -- one from Sprocket, who tries to break through the hole in Doc's workshop, and one from Junior Gorg, who plans to blow up the Fraggles' entrance to the Gorgs' garden with dynamite.

Meanwhile, Doc tries to figure out where he had placed the rent money.

Fraggle Facts

  • The song "Muck and Goo" is shared by the Fraggles and the Gorgs. In flashbacks, Gobo remembers Uncle Matt singing it to him as a child, and Junior Gorg also remembers Pa Gorg singing it.
  • This episode also shows that Ma and Pa Gorg hold Fraggle Rock sacred as Kissing Rock, where Gorgs receive their first kiss.

International Versions

UK version: The Captain is building a model Lighthouse and becomes increasingly irritated by Sprocket's constant barking at Gobo. It also doesn't help matters when Sprocket knocks over his Lighthouse and smashes a few plates when hammering the hole bigger.


International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Juniors ulykke" (Junior's Accident)
  • Finland: "Puutarhasuunnitelma" (Garden Plan)
  • France: "Opération potager" (Operation Garden)
  • Germany: "Der Gartenplan" (The Garden Plan)
  • Japan: "敵がくる せめてくる" (The Enemy is Coming)
  • The Netherlands: "Het tuincomplot" (The Garden Plot)
  • Norway: "Juniors ulykke" (Junior's accident)
  • Poland: "Ogrodowy spisek" (The Garden Plot)
  • Spain: "Intriga en el jardín"
  • Sweden: "Trädgårdsplanen" (Garden Plan)

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