Sesame Street
Big Bird stays at Gordon's in the rain
Air date January 1, 1979
Season Season 10 (1978-1979)
Sponsors I, Z, 5

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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN 10th Season Intro Still
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SCENE 1 Big Bird has prepared his own lunch at Hooper's Store - a sandwich, carrot sticks and an apple. As he makes himself a glass of milk, Barkley, resting under the window, rises up and gobbles up parts of the meal. Big Bird finally catches on and reveals he's also prepared a bowl of dog food for Barkley, who is much too full now.
Cartoon The Carrot
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1132)
Muppets Old West: Sinister Sam is looking for the biggest man in the saloon. The frightened customers point him towards Big Barney, who's cowering under the table. When Sam discovers that Barney is the biggest man there, he gives him a hat: "This ol' hat here don't fit me. I thought maybe you could use it, huh? I'll see you, fellers." Sinister Sam leaves the baffled customers behind. "Now, that's a nice gesture," one says. "He's a little weird, but he's okay after all, isn't he?"
(First: Episode 0281)
Cartoon A girl tries on big, bigger, and the biggest shoes.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0252)
Film A film shows parts of an elephant.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0034)
Animation Sand I/i
(First: Episode 0619)
Beat The Time.JPG
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "Beat the Time". In order to win a cookie, Cookie Monster has to bring in three things that rhyme with the word "rain" before the hand goes around the clock. They turn out to be an old man's "cane", a "chain" (to which Frazzle is attached), and finally a "train" which destroys the set.
(First: Episode 0446)
Cartoon I-Ink (angry bird)
(First: Episode 0462)
1211 02.jpg
SCENE 2 Sam the Robot (Brian Muehl) has set out four different objects - a blender, mixer, toaster and vacuum cleaner. He shows Susan how they can be classified - the blender, mixer and toaster are for making food with, and the vacuum is for taking on a date to the movies.
Film Kids narrate a tortilla contest in English and Spanish.
(First: Episode 0456)
Muppets Grover sings "I Stand Up Straight and Tall" while using some fast cutting camera trickery.
(First: Episode 0916)
Film Cold things that begin with the letter I
(First: Episode 0618)
Cartoon A pink circle splits into a cat, and a gray circle splits into a mouse.
(First: Episode 0452)
Stolen bathtub clues.jpg
Film A police officer follows clues that lead to a bathtub stolen by a gorilla.
(First: Episode 0491)
Cartoon Sign language: Morning, noon, night
Artist: Steve Finkin
(First: Episode 1173)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — It's late at night and Bert isn't home yet. Ernie worries that he may have been abducted by monsters and is being forced to party with them... maybe even having fun. When Bert gets home, Ernie shares his stream of emotions he felt when he'd imagined something had happened to Bert: fear, sadness and anger. Bert assures him that he was fine -- he never has fun.
(First: Episode 0929)
Cartoon zip, zoom, zoom, zig, zag, zany, zoo.
(First: Episode 0359)
1211 03.jpg
SCENE 3 Big Bird wants to be a good sport and buy Barkley a gift, even though he eat his lunch earlier. Unfortunately, he finds he doesn't have any money to buy something with. David gives him something free that dogs love - a stick to play fetch with.
Song "Hello" - A boy sings about the simple message one can convey using the telephone.
(First: Episode 1113)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentKermit and Tracy count to 5.
(First: Episode 0125)
Cartoon 5 song (twinkles, candles, diamonds, horses)
(First: Episode 0973)
Film A man uses a TELEPHONE booth in the city.
(First: Episode 0928)
Muppets The Count hires Ernie to answer his phone so that he won't be bothered with calls while he is counting. However, when the phone rings, the Count wants to count the rings, and won't let Ernie pick up the phone until it's too late. "I told you it wouldn't be easy," the Count explains.
(First: Episode 0539)
Cartoon Two alpine climbers hike up a letter Z and stake a claim on it.
(First: Episode 0281)
Song "Five Onstage Dancers"
(First: Episode 0539)
Cartoon A painter paints all around the screen, eventually painting over himself.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0243)
Muppets Maria reads the story of "The King's Nose."
(First: Episode 0537)
Cartoon I Thought a Thought ... about big things.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0226)
Insert Buffy sings "I'm Gonna Be a Country Girl."
(First: Episode 1129)
Cartoon Sign Sounds: BINGO
(First: Episode 1171)
Muppets Three monsters (Billy, Fenwick, and Pamela) demonstrate big, bigger, and biggest.
(First: Episode 0474)
Cartoon "I in the Sky"
(First: Episode 0368)
Film Wild geese (to madrigal music)
(First: Episode 0935)
Cartoon A boy tries to guess what a voice belongs to by asking it questions, and wins a ride on a giraffe.
(First: Episode 0795)
Muppets Kermit draws a square on-screen using his "magic finger."
(First: Episode 0838)
Cartoon "Nelly 1-10 / 10-1": Kids count numbers in a parade, which are interrupted by other participants.
Artist: Harvey Kurtzman
(First: Episode 0629)
1211 04a.jpg
SCENE 4 Big Bird is about to head home after having dinner at Gordon's, when they see a heavy downpour has begun. Gordon advises Big Bird spend the night inside lest he get soaked on his way to the nest and catch cold. Big Bird thinks this is a good idea and runs out into the rain anyway to retrieve his blanket.
Cartoon A girl imagines she's a rock, which becomes a statue.
(First: Episode 0513)
1211 04b.jpg
SCENE 4 cont'd Big Bird makes yet another quick trek in the rain to get his teddy bear.
Animation An orange pops out of a basket of fruits and gets "made up" as the face of Carmen, the role in the opera of the same name. While singing "Habanera," the famed aria from the opera, Carmen loses her "face" and can't resume singing until the wig returns.
(First: Episode 0277)
Cartoon A hand draws a castle with a growling dragon inside, which scares the princess until her knight in shining armor leads the dragon away.
(First: Episode 0932)
SCENE 4 cont'd Big Bird comes back with his book of storybooks, while Gordon holds various other items Big Bird has gotten since. Gordon sarcastically suggests Big Bird get his toothbrush; Big Bird balks, pointing to the heavy rainstorm outside. Susan announces the sponsors.

CLOSING SIGNS Olivia and a kid hold up the Sesame Street sign, while Luis holds up the CTW sign at the end.

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