The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 16, 2015
Writer Luis Santiero
Director Jack Jameson

The Furchester is holding a ballroom dance weekend. Everyone practices while Furgus polishes the floor with a waxer. However, the floor becomes too slippery for the dancers to dance on. It even makes the Tea Time Monsters slip and fall. The guests think they should try another hotel, but Funella convinces them to stay until they fix the problem.

Cookie Monster slips and spills some honey he was delivering to Mr. Bearlitz's room. He spills some more, making the dance floor completely sticky. Furgus thinks this is the proper solution; now, the dancers won't be slipping and sliding. Instead, they all get stuck to the floor and can't move. Cookie, Elmo and Phoebe get a hose and spray the hotel away.

Now, the floor is soaked and the dances slide around the lobby again. Furgus grabs their fan and blows the floor dry, but ends up blowing all the guests away too and creating a mess. While the floor is dry, there's no one to dance on it...except for the Furchesters. They all dance together, attracting the other guests, who join in.

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