Animal Jam
Air Date March 24, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Bradley Zweig
Director David Gumpel

Edi the Zebra has organized the first annual "Animal Jam Olympics," but Waffle the Cow-Monkey only wants to compete in the events he's good at such as the climbing contest. Edi thinks it is unfair since Waffle is good at climbing that he would win easily. So Edi comes up with an event called the galloping contest. Waffle knows he isn't going to win and fakes an injury so Edi can change the event to a climbing contest. After doing a climbing event, Waffle wants to do more climbing. Edi tries to fake an injury to get out, but Waffle knows Edi is lying that the two starts to argue on what event to do next. After Bozark's dance, the DJs are referees of this sporting event and declared that everyone is a winner. They give out gold medals to Edi, Waffle, Bozark, and all the kids for having fun and trying something new. Waffle and Edi found the event helped them try something new and to have fun instead of worrying about winning.


  • ”'Climb On Up'”
  • “Jungle Jam Journey”
  • “Bozark Boppin'”

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