The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 17, 2015
Writer Luis Santiero
Director Jack Jameson

Elmo and Phoebe's cousin Bebe visits the Furchester. She immediately demonstrates her ability to speak "ding" with Isabel and even translates for some incoming chickens, correcting a translation mistake made by Phoebe. In the dining room, Bebe helps Cookie Monster serve the guests. Phoebe tries too, but sneezes the food all over them.

Phoebe isn't sure why she's felt so weird since Bebe arrived, then realizes she's jealous of how much better Bebe is at everything. Bebe rushes in with bad news: she accidentally brought a wolf guest into the chicken's suite, and she doesn't speak wolf! By cooperating, Bebe and Phoebe are able to communicate to the animals and solve the problem. Phoebe is no longer jealous and the two cousins help the other learn some animal languages.

Supporting Cast


  1. Communication with performer by Anthony T.

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