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The Muppet Show
Ethel Merman06
Guest Ethel Merman
Production November 16-18, 1976
Premiere UK: April 9, 1977
NYC: February 21, 1977
Releases Season One


Fozzie's agent, Irving Bizarre, negotiates Fozzie's contract with Kermit. Kermit ends up offering Fozzie ten times as much money; unfortunately, Fozzie made nothing before. "Yeah, and don't forget," Irving says, "I get ten percent of that."



  • This is the first episode (and only one from the first season) to not have At the Dance.
  • This is Miss Mousey's only appearance from the first season aside from being seen as an audience member.
  • This is the first time Janice was seen without her wig while wearing her chorus girl outfit. This is also the last episode, to feature Janice and Trumpet Girl as chorus girls.
  • During Fozzie's Comedy Act a Koozebanian Phoob appears, a character that doesn't have a proper introduction until Season 2.
  • Timmy Monster (with his original design) appears in publicity photos for this episode, but doesn't appear in the episode itself.
  • In the Disney Xtreme Digital "Drive-Thru" segment with Miss Piggy, audio conversations between Miss Piggy and Irving Bizarre appears in the video being played in the limousine.


Picture Description

"The Muppet Show Theme": Before Gonzo can hit the gong, the Green Frackle hits him with a mallet. (Repeated from episode 117.)
122 intro
During Kermit's introduction, Miss Piggy comes onstage to announce her tribute to Ethel Merman: a medley of all her great hits. Since Ms. Merman is there to sing her own hits, Miss Piggy decides that she will sing the medley as a tribute to Irving Berlin instead.
122 java
Two creatures dance to "Java." The small creature keeps getting booted off by the other. Eventually, this leads to the large creature's destruction.
122 fozzie and kermit
Fozzie Bear informs Kermit that his agent will be stopping by, and asks Kermit to talk to him about his contract... or, rather, the fact that Fozzie does not have a contract.
122 medley
Ethel sings a medley of duets:
"You're the Top" with Kermit
"Friendship" with Fozzie
"De Lovely" with Scooter and Gonzo
"Together Wherever We Go" with the Two-Headed Singer
"You're Just in Love" with Uncle Deadly
"Anything You Can Do" with Miss Piggy. (Piggy wins.)
"Mutual Admiration Society" with everyone
122 irving's intro
Fozzie's agent has arrived, but he's a little short. Fozzie introduces Kermit to Irving Bizarre. Kermit cannot resist the obvious short jokes, including asking Irving if he also handles Rich Little and Tiny Tim. Irving states that he wouldn't handle Kermit, as he would get warts, thus, Fozzie's contract negotiations stall for now.
122 blackout
Blackout: Ethel's irritated, because a mouse is in her dressing room. Whe she complains to Hilda, she's surprised to find that the mouse "sings in the band!" Ethel calls the show a zoo-which is supported when Animal appears to bother her.
UK Spot: Miss Mousey appears in Statler and Waldorf's tea cup, and sings "Don't Sugar Me."
122 talkspot
Talk Spot: Kermit and Ethel talk about her long Broadway career. Eventually, Miss Piggy enters carrying a glass, offering a toast to Ethel-and asking for a free singing lesson. Ethel tells Piggy that her porcine voice is too subtle. She shows off her own high note-which shatters the glass!
122 bradshaw
Australian puppeteer Richard Bradshaw performs shadow puppetry. An ostrich, a mouse, and a hippopotamus each play on a slide and cross a tight rope.
122 irving piggy
Miss Piggy meets Irving Bizarre, who asks if he can handle her. Piggy informs Irving that she already has an agent. He says that he never wanted to be her agent, but just wants to handle her. The conversation does not end well for Irving.
122 empty theater
Fozzie's Comedy Act: Fozzie gets heckled, not only by Statler and Waldorf, but also by Leo, sitting in the audience. Additionally, Fozzie's Cousin is in the audience but even he deserts the bear when the entire audience walks out on him. Statler and Waldorf stay, however.
122 ten times nothing
Despite the fact that Fozzie has just driven away the entire audience, Kermit agrees to give Fozzie three times as much money. Irving eventually works that figure up to ten times as much as Fozzie is making now. It is soon revealed, however, that Fozzie used to make nothing. And ten times nothing is still nothing. "And don't forget," Irving says, "I get ten percent of that."
122 no business

122 show business
Ethel Merman, in an attempt to cheer up the now depressed Fozzie, reminds him that he is still doing what he loves to do. She then sings "There's No Business Like Show Business" with Fozzie and the rest of the Muppets.
122 closing
At the closing, Miss Piggy presents Ethel Merman with roses. Ethel expresses her concern that they might explode.


  • On Nickelodeon, the first Statler & Waldorf comment and first backstage sequence were cut.



Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf, Java, Two-Headed Singer, Uncle Deadly, Irving Bizarre, Hilda, Animal, Miss Mousey, Leo, Fozzie's Cousin

Background Muppets:

Eel, Beautiful Day Monster, Baskerville the Hound, Miss Kitty, Frackles, Droop, Mary Louise, Mary Louise, Wayne and Wanda, George the Janitor, Janice, Floyd Pepper, Pigs, Whatnots, Sexy Muppet, Trumpet Girl

Audience Muppets:

Mahna Mahna, Koozebanian Phoob, Dragon Frackle


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Waldorf, and Leo
Frank Oz as Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Animal, and Fozzie's Cousin
Jerry Nelson as Irving Bizarre, Uncle Deadly, and Miss Mousey
Richard Hunt as Scooter and Statler
Dave Goelz as The Great Gonzo
Eren Ozker as Hilda
John Lovelady as Two-Headed Whatnot


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