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Fraggle Rock
Air Date June 6, 1983
Written by Jerry Juhl and Susan Juhl
Director Jim Henson

The Fraggles work on a boat.

Mokey finishes working on "Rags".

Junior Gorg puts a Fraggle trap in front of the entrance to the Gorgs' Garden. Mokey thinks of a plan to get past the trap, but her plan makes Junior -- and Mokey's friends -- think the trap backfired with tragic consequences.

Meanwhile, Doc loses his temper at Sprocket, while trying to find a way to get rid of his hiccups.

Fraggle Facts

  • This episode begins to suggest a growing romance between Gobo and Mokey. When Gobo thinks that Mokey is dead, he sobs, "I never got to tell her... so many things." This theme is picked up a couple episodes later, in "New Trash Heap in Town."

International versions

UK version: Sprocket is upset when the Captain accuses him of eating the bread that he left out for the seagulls. Uncle Matt "gathers" radishes from a produce stand, and is pursued by "Gorgs" (angry Silly Creatures, actually).


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Muggis begravelse"
  • Finland: "Mokin hautajaiset"
  • France: "L'Enterrement de Béa" (The Burial of Béa)
  • Germany: "Mokey's Begräbnis"
  • Japan: "モーキーは帰ってこない" (Mokey Doesn't Come Home)
  • The Netherlands: "Een begrafenis?" (A Funeral?)
  • Norway: "Mokis begravelse"
  • Poland: "Mokey w pułapce"
  • Spain: "El funeral de Musi"
  • Sweden: "Mokeys begravning"

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