The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 23, 2015
Writer Ian Carney
Director Helen Scott

Furgus has a new plant for the hotel - Mr. Evergroan, who claims to not be fussy. Furgus places him on a stand in the lobby, but Mr. Evergrawn isn't keen with it - it's too drafty. Furgus moves him to the rotating chair, but he's not pleased there either - it's too noisy (thanks to the Tea Time Monsters, Elmo and Phoebe).

Furgus brings him now to the dining room, where the cookie smell bothers him. Cookie Monster tries fixing it by eating the cookies, but Mr. Evergroan wishes to be someplace else. Furgus brings him to his own suite, but he has another fault - he doesn't like the curtains. He even doesn't like the up and down nature of the elevator. Furgus finally brings him to the garden, which seems perfect, but Mr. Evergran can't decide where he'd rather be.

The unflappable Furgus gets frustrated and the family tries helping. Phoebe thinks that if the plant likes moving from place to place, they need somewhere he can move a lot. They place Mr. Evergroan on the luggage cart, where he'll go all over the hotel.

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