Bear in the Big Blue House
123 Need a Little Help Today
Premiere November 19, 1997
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Hugh Martin
Theme Helping

Bear has caught a cold and his nose is so stuffed up that he just has to take it as assumed that the viewers smell good today. Tutter suggests he get a little rest on the couch and then the kids all decide that they'll do their best to help Bear feel better. Tutter recalls that when he needed some water, Bear helped him to reach the faucet. Ojo brings Bear her favorite toy, Snow Bear, to help cheer him up. She recalls the time when he helped her to feel better when she fell down while trying to fly. Pip and Pop deliver Bear a package containing a clam with the message "Get Well Soon." They recall the time when Bear let them be postal delivery otters. Treelo gives Bear a hug and recalls the time that he was afraid of going down the drain in the bathtub. And Tutter recalls a time when he wasn't feeling all that well himself.



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