The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 24, 2015
Writer Andrew Jones & Ciaran Murtagh
Director Jack Jameson

Funella and Furgus leave Phoebe and Elmo in charge of the hotel while they head off to Monster Bowling Night. Mrs. Jangles, a jewelry-covered monster, requests her favorite bracelet be kept at the desk while she goes for a swim. Phoebe uses her necklace, which also is her special key, to unlock the safe. Elmo never knew what it could do and the two head upstairs to answer a call.

The two bring Harvey P. Dull his bath supplies, when he's locked out of the bathroom. Phoebe uses her key to re-open it, then sings to Elmo all the different things her key can be used for in the hotel. Mrs. Jangles requests her bracelet back, when the Tea Time Monsters barge through. Their jewelry is knocked over and after the scuffle, Phoebe's key is lost!

Funella assures her everything will be alright, until Mr. Dull (who was locked out once more) needs the key - with the door locked and bathtub running, the hotel could flood! Mrs. Jangles also is unable to get her bracelet and Cookie Monster can't get his emergency cookie. Thinking through the events, the monsters notice Mrs. Jangles has taken Phoebe's key by accident. Phoebe is able to open everything and save the day.


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