The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 30, 2015
Writer Ian Carney
Director Helen Scott

While Furgus tends to plant trimming in the garden, Funella welcomes the hotel's newest guest - a goat named Mr. Lawnmower, who munches down on her sandwich while she's not looking. Elmo and Phoebe bring him to his room, where he begins eating the furnishings. They take him to the dining room, while Furgus continues cutting an unusually large vine.

At the dining room, Mr. Lawnmower orders everything on the menu and clears out the entire food stock, save for one cookie (that Cookie Monster gobbles himself). Mr. Lawnmower continues munching on everything in the hotel, while the vine has engulfed the lobby. It's a double catastrophe! Suddenly, the monsters get an idea to solve both problems at once. They convince Mr. Lawnmower to eat the vines (which they cover with pepper).

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