The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 31, 2015
Writer Katherine Jakeways
Director Helen Scott

Carrot the Pony is staying the Furchester to get some rest; he's been giving too many pony rides lately. However, when a guest asks for a ride, he obliges anyway. The rest of the staff hears about a pony and immediately want rides too, but Funella asserts that Mr. Carrot needs rest. While Cookie Monster leads the rest of the guests to see his vintage cookie collection, Elmo and Phoebe sneak Mr. Carrot up to his room.

Up at his room, Mr. Carrot still can't escape the attention, as a rabbit father requests a pony ride for his kids. Carrot can't say no and gives them a pony ride. Phoebe gets a monster idea: if they disguise Mr. Carrot, no one might recognize him as a pony. They dress him up as an elephant, which attracts a tortoise wanting a ride (as his species loves nothing more than riding elephants). They then disguise him as a lettuce, which a boy surprisingly wants to ride as well.

Harvey P. Dull offers a solution - Mr. Carrot can just say "no" to anyone asking for a ride, but the horse doesn't think he has that in him. After practicing with Cookie Monster, Mr. Carrot finally declines giving any rides and heads up to his room for some much-needed rest.

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