Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer


Mopatop opens the episode by offering some plums, two little drums or a chameleon that hums.

Puppyduck informs Mopatop that they just got the Friendly Coconut they ordered sometime ago.

The first customer for the day is Mrs. Tiger. Puppyduck and Moosey Mouse hide when they see her. Mrs. Tiger is looking for something special for her daughter Tammy. However, she has another appointment, so she will return later to see what special thing they have found for her when she returns. Mopatop and Puppyduck take a close look at the "big animals" box. Puppyduck finds a bag of tiger tunes, and takes one of the tunes so she can roar like a tiger. Puppyduck's roar scares a new customer away. Mrs. Tiger returns shortly afterwards. When she hears Puppyduck's roar, she thinks that Puppyduck would be the perfect friend for Tammy. However, Puppyduck doesn't think it's a good idea, so the Friendly Coconut volunteers to be a friend to Tammy.


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