The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 4, 2015
Writer Belinda Ward
Director Helen Scott

Funella plans an ill-advised surprise for their incoming skunk guest, Mr. Smellsalot. Phoebe has a hunch it won't go ever well and sure enough, when they surprise him, he emits his skunky smell. He does it again when surprised by the incoming Tea Time Monsters. Elmo and Phoebe go to bring him to the Perfume Suite and the surprise of riding in a lift sets out his smell again.

Harvey P. Dull and others guests complain about the smell, so Funella offers an idea - nose cozies to keep out the smell, which unfortunately don't work. The guests threaten to leave, so Furgus produces some cheese to take everyone's mind of the smell, stinking up the lobby even worse. When the cheese learns there's a skunk at the hotel, it leaves too.

Phoebe then gets a monster idea: she leads him on a tour of the entire hotel, making him familiar with everything so he won't be surprised anymore. Her plan works and Mr. Smellsalot doesn't spray anymore.

Supporting Cast

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