Animal Jam
Air Date April 2, 2003
Written by John Derevlany
Director David Gumpel

Waffle the Cow-Monkey introduces us to his new adopted baby sister, Pancake. When the DJs and Edi the Zebra starts to gathered around Pancake, Waffle feels jealous that she is getting all the attention. Waffle decides to act like a baby so he can get attention, but it didn't work. Even when Bozark is doing his dance, he let Pancake dance along with him. When Waffle decides to give up, Pancake says Waffle's name for the first time and Waffle felt really happy. When Waffle asks for a hug, Pancake gives him a headbutt that sends Waffle flying towards the DJs' workstation. The DJs think Waffle is cute when he flew through the air and starts to give him a lot of attention.


  • Crawl Baby Crawl
  • Jungle Jam Journey
  • Bozark Crawlin

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