The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 5, 2015
Writer Kathy Waugh
Director Helen Scott

A bovine guest, Mrs. Moortyle, has lost her favorite hair curler somewhere in the hotel. Funella and Furgus try lifting the furniture, thinking it might have rolled under something. However, the struggle to get anything off the ground. Furgus phones the Lifting Company, who sends over their two strongest mice. They lift everything in the hotel, but find only miscellaneous items (including Cookie Monster's lost cookie).

Elmo recalls when he lost a crayon in his blanket, he shook it until it fell out. Furgus calls the Shaking Company, who send over the same pair of mice. They start jumping, which shakes the whole hotel. Phoebe sends them away before they get their Shaking Machine.

Furgus then calls the Find It Company, who sends the same pair of mice again. This time, they have a Find-a-Tron to detect the curler. It instead finds Harvey P. Dull's long-lost lucky button, then the battery dies. Phoebe gets the idea to retrace Mrs. Moortyle's steps to the last place she recalls seeing her curler. They go up to her room and discover it in her suitcase! Shortly after, Mrs. Moortyle discovers her second favorite hair curler is missing! Furgus starts calling the Upside Down Company to turn the hotel upside down to find it.

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