The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 6, 2015
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Jack Jameson

Author Taylor Penworth arrives at the hotel to write the latest installment of her Mooga Monster book series. The family (and Harvey P. Dull even) is excited; they love those books! They bring her to the Scribble Suite, full of items perfect for writing. She requests some privacy as she writes, but finds herself with a large case of writer's block.

Funella brings in one of the hotel's inspiring writing services - a trio of dancing chickens. The dancing inspires Furgus with a story idea, but Taylor left is uninspired. Cookie Monster thinks a cookie will give her an idea, but it also doesn't work. Taylor asks for some piece and quiet so she can better focus herself.

Suddenly, Monster Tea Time is called and the Tea Time Monsters barge through her room. This inspires Taylor and asks for them to return. Elmo imitates Gonger's gong, which brings the monsters back through the room until they get too tired. With no loud monsters to inspire Taylor, the Furchesters decide to go wild instead. Taylor finishes her new book, all about Mooga Monster's adventures at the Furchester.

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