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Animal Jam
Air Date April 3, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Mark Hoffmeier
Director David Gumpel

Waffle unsuccessfully trying to figure out the DJs' workstation.

Waffle tries to trick the cast of the show into taking the day off (telling them he'd meet them backstage to play with Cowmonkey toys he'd brought). Not knowing how to work the DJs' equipment, Edi comes to his aid and explains that it takes every member of the cast doing their jobs together to make the show run properly. Edi sings about ants and their method of teamwork, and the DJs adorn themselves with ant antennae.

When Waffle takes the teamwork theme a bit too far, Edi explains the difference between situations that necessitate teamwork and those that should be done by alone (like scratching one's ear when it itches). After Bozark does his dance number, Waffle realizes that teamwork is about "working together for everyone on the team, not just yourself."


  • Zebra Zydeco
  • Moody Moves
  • Bozark Stompin

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