Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Simon Spencer

When Mopatop are about to offer his usual three things to the viewer he is interrupted by Puppyduck wants to show him the lamp shade she made. Soon after the first customer enters. Trevor are very tired, so he are looking for a good night sleep he have not had a good night sleep in months. Mopatop and Puppyduck shows him the good night sleep department, but theres nothing in there that Trevor thinks he can use among other things he tries out a pig counting set, that did not help but Puppyduck falls a sleep. Mopatop tries to read a goodnight story and ends up falling a sleep as well. Lamont the Sloth delivers a lullaby and Trevor begins to sing about his sleep problems, after the song Lamont has also nodded off.

A cannery enters the shop making so much noise that Puppyduck and Mopatop wakes up, it turns out to be Trevor's cannery Gary. Mopatop quickly figures out that it's Gary that keeps Trevor awake at night, so they go to see if they can find a good night sleep for Gary. While they are away Moosey Mouse puts Puppyduck's lamp shade over Gary and he falls asleep. When Trevor, Mopatop and Puppyduck returns they discover that Gary are sleeping under the lamp shade and shortly after Trevor falls asleep in the shop.


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