The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 7, 2015
Writer Kathy Waugh
Director Jack Jameson

At nighttime, a pair of wolves check into the Furchester. They immediately wake up everyone with their howling. Funella and Furgus notify them about their nightly "No Howling" policy, but the wolves can't help it - it's in their nocturnal nature. The monsters think of a way to get them to sleep so the rest of the hotel can.

Furgus brings in a band to sing a lullaby to them, which varies between quiet and loud. The wolves instead dance along. Next, they bring in a sheep for them to count, but the wolves end up arguing over how to count it. Cookie Monster brings up some warm milk and cookies, but eats the cookies on his way to the room. Funella tries telling them a story, but they still stay awake.

Phoebe and Elmo solve the problem by dressing up like the sun and a rooster, altering the two wolves it's now daytime and for them to go to sleep. The wolves fall for it and head off off to sleep.

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