The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 8, 2015
Writer Belinda Ward
Director Helen Scott

Mr. Ant-uan checks into the hotel, initially unnoticed by Funella. While Furgus takes his tiny (yet heavy) bag to his room, Elmo and Phoebe try to figure out how to get him safely upstairs. Since he could be easily stepped on by crawling on the floor, they move the furniture around for him to climb on.

They bring him to his room and show him how bouncy his bed is. So bouncy, it sends it up to the ceiling! The realize the room isn't suited for him and bring him to the dining room while they find a new room. Harvey P. Dull alerts Cookie Monster there's an ant int he dining room, but Cookie treats it like a guest instead. Mr. Ant-uan orders a cookie, but is covered up by a napkin by a shrieking guest. Cookie returns and can't find the ant, so he eats the cookie himself. He discovers Mr. Ant-uan, who happily munches down a crumb left over. Cookie cleans the table, sending Mr. Ant-uan flying to the front desk.

Mr. Ant-uan wishes to check out now, not feeling safe anywhere. Furgus sneezes from one of a pillow's feathers, sending Mr. Ant-uan into one of the key boxes behind the desk, which he thinks is a perfect room for him! He tells the Furchesters he'll be telling all his other ant friends about the hotel. The family cheers at the idea of an ant infestation.

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