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Sesame Street
Osvaldo visits
Air date December 7, 1979
Season Season 11 (1979-1980)
Sponsors I, J, 11
This episode guide has been compiled from script materials provided by a trusted source.

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar pulls up to Sesame Street in the Sloppy Jalopy, with Osvaldo, el Gruñón in the back seat, here for a visit from Puerto Rico. Maria comments, "Ah, friendship," as the two Grouches bicker.
Muppets Biff sings "This Is My J."
(First: Episode 1169)
Cartoon The 'J' Train
Voice: Daws Butler
(First: Episode 1169)
Cast Linda signs the word "wind", and David gets blown away.
There's a Bird on Me.jpg
Song Joe Raposo sings "There's a Bird On Me."
(First: Episode 0416)
Muppets Hard Head Henry Harris plays "Headball" at Roosevelt Franklin Stadium, where he must answer this question: where is bread made?
(First: Episode 0887)
SCENE 2 Barkley has trouble with an itch on his right ear. Linda scratches it for him.
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit interviews a servant who tells him that the queen wants to test the maiden by placing a cookie under the mattresses to see if she can feel it. The "princess" (Cookie Monster) lies down, feels something, then devours the mattresses.
(First: Episode 0417)
Cartoon Consonant Sound: J, jaguar
(First: Episode 1144)
Cast Linda signs the word "rain", and David gets rained upon.
Film A boy talks his observations and experiences with the rain as he and his father go for a walk in it.
(First: Episode 0149)
SCENE 3 Oscar introduces Osvaldo to the Grouchy pleasures of the New York City subway system.
Cartoon The letter J
Artists: John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0133)
Muppets Kermit's Lectures: Kermit comes across the word "Telephone", spells it, and then teaches the word to the viewer. When an Anything Muppet boy who stands too far away says that he can't hear Kermit, Kermit dials the T, and the boy answers with the last E.
(First: Episode 0314)
Cartoon 'j' minuscula
(First: Episode 0475)
Film A baby monkey
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0280)
Cartoon A cat catches a TELEPHONE and eats it.
Artists: The Hubleys
(First: Episode 0154)
Cast Bob demonstrates a J word - juggle.
(First: Episode 1169)
Film Kids at school help make cornbread.
(First: Episode 1218)
Insert Ray Barretto and company play their drums while the cast and kids dance.
(First: Episode 0994)
Cartoon At the circus, Tommy Trueheart displays his 11 trick-performing lions.
(First: Episode 0816)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentErnie and Bert talk to Shola about heavy and light.
(First: Episode 0549)
Toon heavylight.jpg
Cartoon Heavy and light characters are weighed on a scale.
(First: Episode 0843)
Cast Linda signs the word "snow", and David gets caught in the snow.
Film Snow in the city
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0429)
Busted.JPG Muppets Grover the Salesman tries to sell Kermit toothbrushes.
Film An I-beam is molded at a steel factory as heavy industrial-type music underscores the action. The segment ends on a video freeze of the finished beam, which is shaped like the letter "I."
(First: Episode 1077)
SCENE 4 Oscar and Osvaldo visit Willy's hot dog cart and Oscar orders his usual for Osvaldo to try, a number seven - a hot dog smothered in six wild toppings. Osvaldo wonders why it's called a number seven if there's only six things on it. Oscar points out the seventh thing that comes with it - indigestion.
Muppets Kermit's Lectures: Kermit and Grover demonstrate the difference between heavy and light. Grover carries heavy objects, and Kermit carries light objects. Grover gets tired, and asks Kermit if he can carry something light for a change. Kermit obliges. He carries a giant sandwich... while Grover picks up a helium balloon, which carries him away!
(First: Episode 0900)
Heavy Barbells.jpg
Cartoon A man can't lift heavy barbells.
(First: Episode 0785)
Cast Linda signs the word "pie," and David anticipates getting hit with one ... but it happens to Linda instead.
Film The Mad Painter #11
(First: Episode 0329)
SCENE 5 As Oscar and Osvaldo play Go Fish, Osvaldo starts to feel the chills of northern weather. Maria and Oscar warm him up with a hat and muffler, which cover most of his head (except for his eyes).
Muppets Ernie & BertBert refuses to share his cookie with Ernie, who tells Bert that if the cookie was his, he wouldn't mind sharing. Ernie takes the cookie, and asks Bert to ask him if he would share it.
(First: Episode 0472)
Cast Linda signs the word "wet," as she and David are both hit by large splashes of water.
Cartoon A Gary Owens-voiced man attempts to discuss the letter I, but is jeered by an offscreen voice. The man uses him as an example of the word "impolite".
(First: Episode 0032)
SCENE 6 Osvaldo experiences a snowfall for the first time in his life. He doesn't like how clean and pretty it looks, until Oscar details the joys of cars getting stuck and the eventual slush it will turn into. Osvaldo declares that he loves New York. Maria announces the sponsors.

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