The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 11, 2015
Writer George Poles
Director Jack Jameson

Funella makes sure Elmo, Phoebe and Cookie Monster know the hotel policy - "the guest know best" (all while ignoring Harvey P. Dull). As she heads back to the front desk, the Woolly Sisters, a pair of twin sheep, arrive. One sister leaves briefly while the other checks in, requesting to have some tea sent up. Furgus covers Funella at the desk, as the other sister arrives. Furgus mistakes her for Ms. Woolly and gives her the spare key when he can't find the normal one. She requests a fence be put in the garden for her to jump over.

Cookie Monster brings the one sister in the garden the tea, which she declines, but requests some milk too. Cookie writes down the order so he won't forget. A similar situation happens upstairs, where Elmo and Phoebe deliver the fence to the other sister, who requests her tea and a towel. Phoebe writes that down too. Back at the desk, Cookie reports the mix-up to Funella, who then receives a call from the sister in the garden; she wants a helmet. Funella personally delivers it upstairs, while Elmo and Phoebe report that they got their order wrong. Furgus goes to the garden with the tea and towel. Neither of the sisters get what they wan't and state they're disappointed. It's a catastrophe!

The monsters put their furry heads together and decide to go over what's been happening. As Funella and Furgus debate over what Ms. Woolly wanted, Phoebe realizes there must be two Ms. Wolleys and sure enough, they both appear to support her claim. It turns out they even have a third sister.

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