The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 12, 2015
Writer Howard Read & Chris Chantler
Director Helen Scott

Funella uses her furry arms to welcome a long line of incoming guests and her family thinks she should take a break. She believes she'll be fine, but when welcoming a pair of chickens, her arms become stuck sticking out and she can't move them. Dr. RepeatThat is called in and diagnoses her with "Repetitive Welcoming Injury." A touch of the nose is all it takes to cure it, but the doctor advises her to rest her arms for the day to prevent it from happening again. Funella considers this a personal catastrophe.

Elmo and Phoebe volunteer Furgus to welcome guests instead, but he forgets what to say and blows his welcome to an incoming duck guest. Funella welcomes him herself, getting stuck once more. After she's unstuck, Cookie Monster recommends she keep her mind on something else, like when he can't eat cookies (though he doesn't heed his own advice and gobbles it down anyway).

Putting their furry heads together, Phoebe gives her mom a chant to repeat to herself to make sure she doesn't welcome with her arms. Mr. Cuddlesworth checks in and Funella gives him a verbal welcome. He doesn't mind not getting a hug; his furriness keeps him in furry arms at all times. A broccoli guest checks in and takes it personally she (or her family) won't be getting a furry armed welcome. Funella almost cracks, until Phoebe gets an idea - she and Elmo can use their arms to simulate Funella's and give the broccoli a welcome hug.

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