Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Dirk Campbell

Some sneezes.

Mopatop opens the episode by offering some sneezes, some Chattering Cheeses or a bag of sea breezes.

The customer that comes into the shop are Captain Woof, he is looking for a adventure. Mopatop pulls out the old adventures chest. The first adventure is to battle a Sea Monster, but the captain had battled more sea monsters than Mopatop have had happy customers. The second adventure suggestion is a Pirate adventure, but the captain are looking for a more adventures adventure than a pirate adventure. The last adventure is a treasure hunt adventure. The treasure hunt adventure is just what the captin are looking for, but theres one slight problem, he is missing a ship. The kind of ship he would like are a ship that don't go on water, it turns out he is a bit afraid of water, so he ends up leaving the shop with a ship in a bottle.

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