The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 13, 2015
Writer Emma Millions
Director Jack Jameson

Elmo is being added to the Furchester family portrait. Mr. Fuzzlebrush, the painter, arrives and tells Elmo to get all his sneezes/giggles/itches out before he begins, as he won't be able to move once the process begins. Elmo does so, in song. As soon as they begin, Elmo gets up from his seat to find hidden nuts for a pair of squirrels. Phoebe sends them to the garden to keep from distracting Elmo.

Phoebe gives Elmo some advice to focus and sit still, when a dog runs by, chasing a beachball. Elmo can't help but play along and doesn't think he'll be able to sit still. But, since a Furchester never gives up, they try coming up with a solution.

The monsters think if there were no distractions, Elmo would be fine. Funella commands everyone to stay perfectly still until the painting is done, including Cookie Monster (who's about to munch down on his cookie). Elmo sits so still, not even the Tea Time Monsters distract him. Mr. Fuzzlebrush finishes his latest masterpiece and Funella unfreezes everyone to take a look. Mr. Fuzzlebrush then gets inspiration to paint Cookie Monster and asks him to hold still. Cookie devours his cookie first.

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