Sesame Street
Big Bird's sleepover with Cody
Air date January 14, 1980
Season Season 11 (1979-1980)
Sponsors A, C, 7


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Buffy and Fred the Wonder Horse sing "Jig Along Home."
Cartoon A man (voice of Bob Arbogast) talks about his favorite letter, C, which is for cat. He opens a door to reveal a lion.
(First: Episode 0029)
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "C is for Cookie."
(First: Episode 0372)
C- Cap.JPG
Cartoon Speech Balloon: C - Cap
(First: Episode 0154)
Cast Bob and Luis put together two halves of a painting of a train tunnel. When they fit the parts together, a train goes through the tunnel and zooms to take up the entire screen, frightening Bob and Luis so much, they take down the tunnel again.
(First: Episode 0549)
Animation Lollipop and feathers - what goes where?
(First: Episode 0772)
Cat toon2.jpg
Cartoon Speech Balloon: C for cat (imposter)
(First: Episode 0029)
2061 crane.jpg
Film A crane is shown, with a shovel and wrecking ball.
(First: Episode 1164)
1041newsflash.jpg Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: In a take on the "Hey Diddle Diddle" nursery rhyme, Kermit the Frog interviews Natalie the cow and her cat manager as she prepares to jump over the moon. Natalie plans to break the usual cow stereotype by doing this jump. After the cat plays a fanfare on his fiddle, she makes the jump and crash lands back to Earth, where she is praised and congratulated for her jump.
(First: Episode 0634)
SCENE 2 Sheldon and Cody brush their teeth after lunch.
Cartoon The Typewriter: A for airplane
(First: Episode 0770)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Touch and Feel."
(First: Episode 0252)
Cartoon Miss Fortune makes guesses about a dog.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0483)
Muppets Ernie plays a game of "Touch Your Face" with the viewer.
(First: Episode 0869)
Film Mad Painter #7
(First: Episode 0314)
Cartoon Billy Jo Jive and Smart Susie Sunset search for Aunt Nellie's dog, Meatbone, not knowing that the sneaky dog has been following them the whole time.
(First: Episode 1296)
SCENE 3 Herry Monster finds he and Cody both call their body parts by the same name. However, what Cody calls "fingers," Herry calls his "ticklers."
Cartoon Can a cat bark?
(First: Episode 0859)
Muppets Ernie and Cookie Monster name the things they eat at "Breakfast Time."
(First: Episode 1280)
Cartoon The Alligator King
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0411)
Film Kids narrate what a bald eagle sees when it flies over islands.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0424)
Cartoon A man blows 7 bubbles.
(First: Episode 0639)
Film A flock of sheep crosses the river.
(First: Episode 1165)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentBig Bird and Scottie read a ONE WAY sign.
(First: Episode 1051)
Film A boy makes fruit salad.
(First: Episode 1195)
Cartoon Small, smaller and smallest men will cut a log with a saw.
(First: Episode 1243)
Lena Horne ABC song.jpg
Muppets / Celebrity Lena Horne and the Anything Muppets sing "The Alphabet Song."
(First: Episode 0575)
Animation Three balls compare sizes. An orange ball (voiced by Daws Butler) boasts that he's the smallest, until his little brother comes onto the scene.
(First: Episode 0786)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper looks inside a paper bag and laughs and asks his next victim, "Wanna see?" The man says yes, so Harvey puts a letter C on him.
(First: Episode 0294)
Cartoon A man chases a runaway "no."
(First: Episode 0794)
Dandy David flower pots.jpg
Cast "Dandy David" adds flowers and flower pots.
(First: Episode 0454)
Cartoon What kind of print does a hand make?
(First: Episode 0776)
Film A girl named Jennifer visits family friend Mrs. Wilson in the country, and together they pick food from her garden.
(First: Episode 0021)

SCENE 4 Cody has invited Big Bird over for a sleepover in his room at Maria's apartment. The adults settle them down for the night and try to peacefully play cards, but the two keep getting up for various reasons. Eventually, the two are sent to bed for good, but end up causing a mess-making pillow fight.
Chicken Soup Needs a Spoon.JPG
Muppets Waiter Grover: Grover serves Mr. Johnson a bowl of chicken soup. Johnson says that he can't eat the soup, and Grover can't guess why. "That settles it," Johnson sighs. "From now on, I'm bringing my lunch to work in a paper sack." He finally explains to Grover that he can't eat the soup because he doesn't have a spoon.
(First: Episode 0358)
Film In time-lapse footage, a construction crew builds a house and paints it green, and a family moves into it.
(First: Episode 1171)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: A for Ape
(First: Episode 0006)

SCENE 5 The next morning, Buffy remarks that Big Bird and Cody were up pretty late. Big Bird asserts he's fine and heads back to his nest. He falls asleep moments after he arrives with his head plopped in the nest. Buffy announces the sponsors.

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