The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 14, 2015
Writer Belinda Ward
Director Helen Scott

Furgus has now automated their hotel luggage trolley, now operated by remote control. This proves to be useful, as Ms. Brick's heavy bag of bricks (she never travels without them) is too heavy for the Furchesters to bring to her room the conventional way. However, the trolley crashes and breaks. Furgus brings out the back up trolley - a donkey named Trolley. They load the bag onto her, but she refuses to move.

Cookie Monster uses a carrot as incentive and has her follow him to the lift. Trolley blocks the doors, so Harvey P. Dull can't get out. She then moves over to the staircase, also blocking Mr. Dull, who decides to just stay in his room. She then positions herself in front of the dining room door, blocking the Tea Time Monsters from getting to their tea. Furgus still struggles to fix the trolley, leaving them with no solution.

As they put their furry heads together, they realize they can empty Ms. Brick's bag and bring up the bricks individually. They create a long line of guests, who pass the bricks to each other until they all reach her room. Still, Trolley blocks the front revolving door, preventing guests from going in and out. Furgus arrives with the new and improved trolley; instead of being automated, he's added a music system to make pushing it more fun. The music makes everyone dance, even Trolley the Donkey. They use the cart to lead her away from the door.

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