Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Dirk Campbell

Mopatop opens the episode by offering some dungarees, pads for elephants knees or some cheese that says please.

Bossy Boots enters the shop commanding everyone in the shop, to get on their feet and dance, Mopatop are unsure whats going on, until Bossy Boots says that he want to get a Do-What-I-Say. Puppyduck do not know what it is, but Mopatop are sure they have one somewhere in the shop, after he found it he demonstrate what it can do on Puppyduck as he commands her to say a funny noise, and she does. Moosey Mouse puts on some earmuffs to be sure that he do not hear Bossy Boots after he got the Do-What-I-Say. Bossy Boots then sings a song were he commands Puppyduck and Mopatop to do what he say.

When the song is over Bossy Boots commands them not to move and he then goes thowards the door while he is mumbling "do what I say". On the way to the door he encounters Moosey, who are still wearing the earmuffs, he tells Bossy that he can't leave until he has told Mopatop and Puppyduck to move again. He then moves forward saying do you do it or do I have to do it for you, Bossy backs away from Moosey while he says that Moosey can't try his Do-What-I-Say, and he falls over and breaks the Do-What-I-Say. Bossy want Moppatop to give him a new one, but Mopatop and Puppyduck are stuck doing what Bossy said last, and since the Do-What-I-Say he can't command them to move. Just then Father Mouse asks Moosey to bring his earmuffs back and Moosey, do what he said. Bossy can't understand why Moosey are doing what his dad told him to instead of helping Bossy. Moosey tells Bossy that his dad said please. Then the cheese that say please appears behind the little door and Bossy are fascinated with the word please, he then tries the word on Mopatop and Puppyduck and they are able to move again. Instead of having a new Do-What-I-Say Bossy Boots would like the cheese.


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