The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 15, 2015
Writer John Camm and Will Maclean
Director Jack Jameson

Ms. Twitcher asks Funella to watch her pet parrot, Monty, while she goes out golfing ("It's simply not his game!"). Monty begins repeating everything he hears. This starts a problem when he starts barking and meowing like Ms. Puffwhiskers and a dog guest who both just checked in and were assured the no one from the opposite species was staying (they both are tired of chasing/being chased).

The two hear the sounds Monty makes and come face to face and start a chase around the hotel. He then starts repeating Gonger's gong, causing more chaos with the Tea Time Monsters. Soon, a whole chase erupts throughout the lobby; it's a catastrophe! They brainstorm and think if Monty's mouth is full of food, he won't be able to speak. They call out for Cookie Monster for some crackers, but Monty keeps repeating, "Cookie!," making Cookie Monster think they have cookies for him. He ends up not finding any crackers.

Phoebe gets a monster idea: they should teach him to repeat something helpful, like "Welcome to the Furchester Hotel." The incoming guests are impressed by such a polite welcome. Ms. Twitcher returns and it's revealed Monty can speak in full, perfect sentences; he just loves to repeat new and interesting sounds. He shows his owner the sounds he's learned today, starting the chaos all over again.

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