The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 18, 2015
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Jack Jameson

Elmo is sent to deliver a towel to Ms. Ribbit, who's staying in room 222. Elmo instead knocks upon the door of room 223, where a large dinosaur answers and points him in the right direction. Elmo can hardly believe what he sees and goes to tell the others about it. Meanwhile, the dinosaur heads to the pool (his first swim in 100 years). Funella and Phoebe follow him to the room, but they find it's empty. Funella doubts he's checked out; what guest would want to? They go looking somewhere else, not noticing the dinosaur returning from his swim. He decides to get a bite in the dining room.

The monsters all consult the hotel computer's guest file to see if there's a dinosaur among the guests. While they search, they don't notice the dinosaur being dragged into the dining room by the Tea Time Monsters. With the computer, they learn there actually is a dinosaur residing at the hotel - Mr. Dinofella, who checked in 150 million years ago. Funella insists they find him at once, as she's never gotten to formally welcome him. Cookie Monster joins their furry think session, but his only idea is to lure Mr. Dionfella with a cookie (which doesn't work, but gives Cookie an excuse to eat it). The monsters split up to find him, completely oblivious that he's every place they look.

Since he's said to like plants, Phoebe proposes they look in the garden. Sure enough, they find him finishing a snack and Funella gives him a proper welcome. They go to get him a complimentary bottle of Furchester Water, while Elmo stays behind in awe. Suddenly, another dinosaur appears over the wall and Elmo rushes to tell everyone!

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